ASSH Fellows and Service Awards

ASSH Fellows

2017: Rob Hess
2017: Tara Magdalinski
2017: Murray Phillips
2009: Bill Murray
2003: John O’Hara
2003: Colin Tatz
1995: Richard Cashman
1993: Wray Vamplew

ASSH Service Awards

2015: Rob Hess
2011: Tara Magdalinski
2009: Braham Dabscheck
1997: John Deane
1997: Imke Fischer



ASSH Fellows


ASSH Service Awards

2015: Rob Hess

The Australian Society for Sport History has awarded Associate Professor Rob Hess its Distinguished Service Award. Rob was president of ASSH between 2011 and 2013. During his term, Rob updated the structure, policies and functions of the executive committee. In so doing, he greatly improved the governance and administration of the Society. As well as president, Rob has served ASSH as:

  • editor of Sporting Traditions between 2003 and 2007
  • editor of the ASSH Studies Series between 2006 and 2008
  • editor of the Reviews section for Sporting Traditions since 2008, and
  • an organiser of Sporting Traditions XV in Melbourne in 2005.

As co-author of A National Game: The History of Australian Rules Football, which won the ASSH Book Award in 2009, Rob has also helped raise the intellectual profile and credibility of sport history and ASSH in Australia.

2011: Tara Magdalinski

The Australian Society for Sport History is delighted to present a Service Award to the longest serving president of ASSH, the first female president of ASSH, and the first Dublin-based president of ASSH: Dr Tara Magdalinski. Tara has presided over ASSH with unprecedented energy and efficiency for the last six years. As well as serving as the president of ASSH since 2005, Tara has served the society as the publisher and editor of the Bulletin, the membership officer, and the webmistress. As president of the Society Tara introduced, directed and guided constitutional reform. As a member of the executive since the mid-1990s, Tara has shown diplomacy and negotiating skills which she applied with aplomb to advance the cause and interests of ASSH. The current financial and social health of ASSH owes much to the efforts of Tara. The Society is grateful for the achievements and contributions of our outgoing president, Dr Tara Magdalinski.