2 November 2012
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Dear ASSH Members,
Please allow me to introduce H-Sport. H-Sport is an academic listserve for the interdisciplinary field of sport studies. H-Sport enables scholars around the world who are engaged in the historical, socio-cultural, and philosophical study of sport, physical education, and physical activity to discuss research and teaching interests, conferences and symposia, current issues, sources of funding, publishing, new data and collections, and other areas of interest to scholars. In addition, the H-Sport also publishes Conference Reports from smaller, thematic sport conferences as well as a Journal Watch, a bibliography of sport articles published in journals (both sport and non-sport) from the previous quarter.

H-Sport is part of a larger humanities and social sciences network called H-Net. One of the benefits of being part of H-Net is that announcements can be submitted to the wider H-Net community,  which includes over 100,000 people from more than 90 countries on 100+ lists that are part of H-Net.

We hope if you are not already a member of H-Sport that you will subscribe to the list. You can subscribe to H-Sport by going here:

If you are concerned with receiving too many emails, please note that individual subscriptions to H-Sport can be set to receive one email per day with all of that day’s messages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at H-Sport@H-NET.MSU.EDU

Heather Dichter
ISHPES Council Member and Webmaster