Memberships Update

13 December 2014
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Dear ASSH members,

This is a reminder that membership subscriptions for 2015 are now due. Because of Treasurer, Matthew Klugman being overseas all year on a study and research tour and an ageing ASSH website the sending of renewal notices for 2014 was a bit haphazard; regrettably, many of you may not have received one. If indeed you did not receive a reminder for 2014 you might like to add that payment to your 2015 renewal. If you are uncertain as to your current membership status please contact Bruce Coe, Membership and Claims Officer at for an update.

You will notice on the registration form that at this stage payment can only be made by cheque. In the past, we have offered the ability to pay using a credit card authorisation but this mode of payment has proved to be cumbersome and rather unsatisfactory. A new online mode of payment is in development and this will be available on the new and improved ASSH website which is anticipated to go live before Christmas. Thank you to Tara Magdalinski for setting all this in train. I will advise you by email as soon as the website is available for use.

Yours sincerely,

Murray Phillips